1000 copies only. Free to the first 300 people through the door at Solid Steel 20th anniversary gig at the End (Nov 6). It contain 40 hours of the best from Solid Steel over the last 20 years + a pdf booklet with pictures and history from all selections

2008 marks the 20th anniversary of Solid Steel's first appearance on the airwaves and this audio DVD contains a few highlights from the archive.

Matt Black and Jonathan More started out on London's pirate KISS FM radio station with separate shows but then joined forces to present Solid Steel in 1988, a few years before the station finally went legal. In the early 90's they were joined on a regular basis by PC, shortly followed by Strictly Kev, for the two hour mix marathons. DK jumped on board in 1997, quickly rising to become producer and in 2000 the show enjoyed a spell on BBC London. In 2004 J Mountain joined the ranks and the show continued airing a diverse selection of guest mixes along with the occasional special interview. Solid Steel has spread it's wings, going on to broadcast in over 30 stations around the world, spawned a mix CD series and club nights.

In today's ready-to-go world of mp3 players, internet streaming and podcasts it's easy to forget that the show wasn't always easy to come by and, for the first ten years, was only broadcast in and around London. Fans of the show taped it on cassette and some of these found their way onto the web in the last decade, the equivalent of musical gold dust. Those days are now largely over but the Solid Steel podcast has already reached over a million downloads.

We have dug deep and here we bring you a selection of shows, from the earliest find on cassette, (from '88 along with 'authentic' tape hiss), to DATs, videos and CDRs throughout the 90's and the odd mp3 right up to 2008. You'll hear straight studio mixes, interviews and a few full shows with jingles, ad breaks and the occasional bit of studio banter.

This is just a taste of what Solid Steel has been bringing you over the last 2 decades and we'd like to thank all our listeners and guests for your support and look forward to beaming the show straight into your heads in another 20 years times

Disc content: over 40 hours of mp3s + a pdf booklet full of info about each show featured.


Coldcut vs The Orb (31-12-91)
Coldcut meet Juan Atkins (02-12-88)
DJ Food (PC) Solid Steel (09-05-99)
Fourtet, Bonobo, DJ Food & DK - Now, Listen' Tour Retrospective (07-01-02)
Coldcut - More Than An Alien Sphinx (11-93)
Coldcut - Return of Alien Sphinx (1994)
DJ Food (Kev) - War Is Not The Answer (10-02-03) + War Is Stupid (07-04-03)
DJ Food (Kev) - Double Dee & Steinski - The Solid Steel interview
DK - Solid Steel mix SSDK01 (2000)
Coldcut, DJ Food & DK - Last stand at the BBC (21-10-02)
J Mountain - Solid Steel (28-03-05)
J Rocc - Syndromes 2 (26-08-05)
Coldcut - Best of the K Mixes Pts 1 & 2 (13-12-90 / 92)
Coldcut - Planet of the Apes special (13-08-2001)
King Megatrip 'I Must Insist You Eat Steel' (2001-2008)
DJ Food vs DJ Vadim (14-07-96)
DJ Food (PC) - Via Josephine (15-06-97)
Coldcut meet Jean Jacques Perrey (1997)
Coldcut - Best of the K Mixes Pts 3 & 4 (1991/93)
DK - Solid Steel (2002)
DJ Food (Kev) - Strictly's Jazz Beatnik Hipster session (25-20-98)
DJ Food (Kev) - Ken Nordine interview (2008 extended version)
Coldcut + PC - Solid Steel (28-02-93)
Coldcut + PC - Solid Wood (16-06-96)
DJ Food & DK - Herbie Hancock interview (01-04-02)
DK - David Axelrod interview (02-07-01)