C'est une news en V.O et "emprunté" àbodytonicmusic.com, en espérant que le lecteur kdbuzz speak un peu english or du moins frenglais ;-) sinon sorry...

"Kraftwerk's Ralf Hutter has confirmed the German band are about to start working on a new album. Ahead of the remastered back catalogue issues, Hutter - when asked about the possibility of a new album - replied: "Quite soon, you will (hear a new album). Once we've done this festival tour, when we get back to Dusseldorf, we can close the doors of the studio and start continuing with the next album. We always have ideas, scripts, test tracks."

Asked about a possible theme or concept, he said: "It's too early to stay. It's not yet finished but... will be... with very strong direction. Forward direction. Always forward." Speaking to Mojo magazine, Hutter also revealed plans to delve into the band's "huge archives", with a possible "art book" mooted. The band's eight remastered albums are released on October 5, with vinyl and box sets following in November."

Source : bodytonicmusic.com