Article paru en 2011.

Le premier label des Daft Punk, Soma records, bien connu des connaisseurs d'électro vient de lâcher une bombe ! Ils ont retrouvé un morceau inédit des Daft de l'époque de leur album culte Homework...
Le voilà donc : Daft Punk - Drive

Le morceau est donc présent exclusivement sur la compilation "Soma Records... 20 years" qui sortira le 19 septembre 2011

ENG: "At the tail end of 2010 we trailed boxes of DATs, pictures and god-only-knows what else to find artefacts of Soma s early days. Imagine our surprise when we discovered a tape simply entitled ‘Daft Drive . We hooked up the DAT machine and inserted the tape with the delicacy of a surgeon, pressing play and praying that for one, the tape contained what we hoped, and two, that it didn t chew it like a dog chewing on a bone. In amongst the hiss and crackle, the most monstrous 909 kick drum thudded. Daft Punk s Drive track had been rediscovered. Playing through was Live Daft Punk; freaky vocals, pounding Roland drums & synths and that archetypal DP compression. After standing in silence, witnessing this moment, the track faded off and we heard the sound of the French spoken word that the recording had been made over; the remnants of their parents audio collection. The tape had originally been sent with Rollin and Scratchin to be released as Soma25. But Soma asked these two bright-eyed and Techno-bound Frenchman, to finish and send Da Funk to accompany Rollin and Scratchin and DRIVE was shelved for a later date..." - Soma Records

The track will be in the "Soma Records... 20 years" compilation released on 19/9/11