Solid Steel in association with Serato (1st January) Hexstatic ring in the New Year with a cracking mix to take Solid Steel into 2010.

Hudson Mohawk, Bassnectar, and a Busy P remix of Kraftwerk all feature, along with hot new music from the Hexstatic hard drive.

It's the start of a new decade and hour 2 takes a timely look back at the last 10 years of hip hop beats from the leftside. 2tall, DJ Clockwork and Kper give us their ‘A Boom Bap Continuum mix, with over 200 tracks from 1999 to 2009, featuring tracks from Premo, Pete Rock and Madlib, through Dilla and on to Bullion, Floating Points, Harmonic 313 and everyone in between. The track list is too long for us to include, so check out their website for all the info.

Check it out here :