Kdbuzz et DFWC vous invitent àdécouvrir Getúlio, un beau projet "Africa, Abstract Hip Hop et Gorilla...". Pour commencer quelques mots de son créateur, Raphael :

"J'ai commencé il y a un an et demi un projet instrumental basé uniquement sur des samples africains, produit par un vieux gorille du parc national du Virunga au Congo, Getulio. A force d'enchainer les visionnages de vieux films de gorilles des 30's (getulio.tumblr.com) et documentaires animaliers je me suis pris au jeu, et ai décidé de reverser l'essentiel de l'argent généré par l'album àdeux fondations, qui luttent pour la protection des derniers 700 gorilles des montagnes, des guerriers qui survivent difficilement entre braconnage, guerre et déforestation (gorillacd.org et gorillafund.org)."

Découvrez ci-dessous l'album-concept en écoute intégrale... Du très bon abstract (afro) hip hop & sampling !

(P.S : faites comme kdbuzz, payez-vous l'album et donnez aux gorilles !)


After many years spent in the jungle listening to hot soukous, rumba, afrobeat and syli sound, I finally decided to mix all these influences with some fat drums for the younger generation.

With my brothers Jengo and Demba (R.I.P), we spend several months locked in the forest to build this project, so we hope the result will be decent. It was a real struggle to keep focus on this with all the shit that happened to us last year in the Virunga Park.

As a few may know, our mountain gorillas population is quickly extinguishing due to the war, poaching actions and deforestation, so please help us : gorillacd.org or gorillafund.org. Today there are roughly 700 mountain gorillas remaining on Earth, and they are expected to disappear within a few decades if nothing changes.

For each LP sold, we'll give the 4€ to the two above-cited organisations (2€ for each one), in desperate need of money to ensure our protection. Everything above the 4€ mark will go to our producer, who worked his ass off for this project.

Thank you for your support !